Wool Diaper Cover – Abrazo

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Embrace the Bumby Abrazo Cover

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Earn up to 85 Bumby Bucks.

Abrazo Diaper Cover

Revolutionary Hook & Loop Closure Cover.  There is nothing else like it out there, and we are excited!

Designed right here in-house, with care and attention to every detail.  I personally diapered my own kids and spent 13 years working on this design.

Full Night-Time Solution which is also trim enough to use during the day, plus ADJUSTABLE so it changes with your diapering routine as well as the growth and changes in your baby.

Abrazo means Ebrace in Spanish. Embrace the future of Diapering with the Bumby Abrazo

Small Abrazo


Fold Down Rise.  Inside you will find another set of soft “Loop” to fold down the rise a size.

Cross over waist closures with large front “Loop” to allow for over 3″ difference between settings.

4 Size System

  • Small fits about Newborn to Small
  • Medium fits about Small to Medium
  • Large fits about medium to Large
  • XL fits about Large to XL

Easy Care

Like all of our wool, the Abrazo is machine washable.  We recommend cool water wash with Unicorn Beyond Clean & rinsed with Unicorn Beyond Soft to keep your wool soft, clean and healthy.

We also included washing tabs, sewn right on the closure tabs so you will never lose them. They are also great for diaper changes to keep the velcro clean and not stick to anything.

No Elastics 

The first things to need replacement on diapers and cover is the Elastic, Snaps and “velcro” or  Hook & Loop.  

  1. Wool cuffs so no elastic
  2. No Snaps
  3. Hook & Loop is applied last so very easy to replace or repair

Hidden Secrets

Hidden Inside Access

Upon opening your Abrazo for the first time you, will find a secret treasure!  Better than the treasures you will find after using it a few times, it is a diaper as we know. 

Not so secret inside access! ok,  its a hole inside.  At first glance it might look like we just forgot to sew it closed, but its intentional, and made me feel like a made genius too.

Triple reasoning

  1. Dries Faster
    • Blow a fan in there
    • Prop it open over something 
  2. Washes Better
    • You can get your hand in there and scrub a bit
    • It rinses better
    • It allows you to get into the corners if you need
  3. Stuffable
    • add additional absorbency 
Hidden “turned” Seams

The Abrazo cover is a “turned” style cover where the serging is hidden inside.  It is the only item we are able to make in this format and we are excited about it.  Some have more sensative skin and this reduces chances for irritation.

Our Three Diaper Covers at a Glance

  • Standard Sizing
  • Trim cuffs
  • Higher cut hip cuffs
  • Fits most babies
  • Tall Slender Sizing
  • Long tighter Cuffs
  • More coverage 
  • Tighter fit
  • Newest Product
  • Hook & Loop Closure
  • Washing Tabs
  • Stuffable inner layer
  • Fully lined