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Solid Lanolin 4oz

CAD $15.50

What is Lanolin?

Lanolin is a naturally occurring wax found in wool fiber. It is cleaned out of the wool during processing the fibers for fabric and yarn.  We only use the purest pharmaceutical grade lanolin. Lanolin conditions the wool fibers and gives the waterproof protection we love about wool. Lanolin also increases the wool’s anti-bacterial properties to help your diaper cover self-clean between uses and naturalize urine. See the tabs below for more information.

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Bumby Checks All the Boxes

We preshrink our wool for easy

Machine Washing

2 Styles for various

needs & body shapes

Inclusive gender neutral 

Sizing & Colours

We custom make your cover just for you

With 2 different Cloth Diaper styles available for wholesale and so many colour options, you are in charge. 

We only make to order, but we do it quickly because it is all we do.  

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You get to choose

 Solid, two or 3 toned. You choose the waist, cuffs and body colours.

Choose between Traditional or Abrazo Covers

We can make about 100 traditional and 40 Abrazo covers per colourway

This likely means you will get an exclusive colour.  The larger the order, the better we can make plans with you for something really special!

Our Three Diaper Covers at a Glance

  • Standard Sizing
  • Trim cuffs
  • Higher cut hip cuffs
  • Fits most babies
  • No elastic comfort leg cuffs
  • Hook & Loop closure
  • Washing tabs
  • Stuffable pocket layer
  • Fully lined
  • Hidden “turned” seams