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  1. Everything Bumby makes radiates good vibes. Finishing is always top notch. Amazing color options!
    Our whole family wears our wool year round.

  2. Bumby mitts are the bomb! Me and my kids all wear them during the cold months. Because wool maintains body temperature really well, even when these get a bit wet, little hands don’t get cold very quickly. My kids prefer these over waterproof puffy gloves & mittens. They can use their hands quite easily and the tall, snug cuff doesn’t left snow in, and keeps them on very well! Definitely a huge winter staple around here!

  3. My arm warmers are exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for, I can easily help my little ones put their mitts and hats and boots back on without the trouble of removing my own mitts, they allow me to drive safely and comfortably without constricting gloves or mitts, and I can throw them on with a tshirt to keep warm without all the layers. What a fun accessory.