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Pre-Approved Change Order Notation

CAD $0.00CAD $1.00

Please message all changes first and use this to communicate the changes to avoid mix ups.

UPDATE: If your change request requires a charge you can add pricing as needed.  If you need to add $50 for instance then do quantity $1 x 50.

Usually there is no charge, but for instance you meant to order long and ordered standard inseam. You add the price difference here and put the note. Please make sure we know what is happening through as we have to pause cutting etc.

Ordered something and hope it isn’t cut yet and really want to make a change?


  • Colour change
  • Change from small to medium and invoice the difference
  • Change from Hemmed to Ruffled

Message Stephanie Gross or Bumby (who is still Stephanie) or email if you aren’t on FB

We can not guarantee that changes will be made.

We will try.

All orders are placed as though they are final.

If you also require to add something, ie pockets please also order at this time. Be clear you can write as much as you want here

to chat if further communication is required, or tell us to email if you aren’t on messenger.

Earn up to 1 Bumby Buck.