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RTS Traditional Cover, Medium, Woodland Wonder and Burgundy

CAD $50.00

Our Traditional Diaper Cover, our most popular item and a standard fit.  Classically funtional. Nice and trim to go under clothing or cute enough for under dresses!

Colour: Woodland Wonder and Burgundy

Size: Medium

Wool Type: Comfy

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Our Three Diaper Covers at a Glance

  • Standard Sizing
  • Trim cuffs
  • Higher cut hip cuffs
  • Fits most babies
  • Tall Slender Sizing
  • Long tighter cuffs
  • More coverage 
  • Tighter fit
  • Newest Product
  • Hook & Loop Closure
  • Washing Tabs
  • Stuffable inner layer
  • Fully lined

 Solid, two or 3 toned. You choose the waist, cuffs and body colours. Choose the Fit,  Style, Colours, & Accents. 

Our team is ready to create your design.  Simple or complex. We do it your way.

Bumby Checks All the Boxes

We preshrink our wool for easy

Machine Washing

3 Styles for various

needs & body shapes

Inclusive gender neutral 

Sizing & Colours