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Make your own stuffy – Filling only

CAD $10.00CAD $20.00

Make your own adorable Teddy Bear or stuffie with real wool stuffing from a local sheep farm down the road, custom woolen mills.

You can use our scraps to make the stuffie, which are sold seperately, or use something you already have at home.

Big Bump of Wool


Earn up to 20 Bumby Bucks.

  • Wool Roving to stuff your bear or stuffie – real wool from a local farm!

You will need

  • Motivation to make something beautiful
  • A giving heart to give this as a gift instead
  • Sewing machine and skills
  • Scissors
  • Please use all appropriate safety precautions and age appropriate tasks

There are so many different bear patterns online at various levels of complexity and for personal use only so I can’t really print and share them easily. Which is why we don’t have a photo yet of a completed item… too many to choose.

Some I like:

Purl Teddy

Joyful Teddy

Simple Teddy