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What is lanolin

Lanolin is a naturally occuring wax produced by sheep. It is cleaned out of the wool fibers during processing and used for many different applications from food grade lubricant to medical balm. Many are familiar with lanolin as a nipple cream for nursing

Why we make soap

I started making soap for Emulsion Blocks to emuslify lanolin to boost the natural water proofing and anti-bacterial properties of wool. In general any soap can be used, however having the blocks in a convenient size as well as chemically balanced for the easiest possible emulsion was our goal.

Side effect, I fell in love with soap making hard. I dabbled with using lanolin in the blend and literally can't use any other soap now.

Why we add lanolin in every bar

There are a lot of amazing artisan soap makers doing amazing things out there. It is an ancient art which I profoundly respect. My skin is very sensative and so dry in the winter. Lanolin has been used for centuries in skin care.
- Naturally anti-bacterial
- Moisturizes and nourishes the skin
- Acts as a barrier to keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out
- Reduces rashes and improves the general quality of the skin

Many soap makers don't use lanolin because main stream doesn't know enough about it, plus it is a bit tricky to use. Lanolin is also not as readily available and is a more pricey ingredient. Using lanolin sets us apart, and I love it.