Tea Tree and Charcoal Cleansing Soap – Lanolin infused

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Tea Tree and Charcoal Soap.  Shimmery swirls of soft minty mica and deep charcoal then infused with lanolin.  Looks good enough to eat, but don’t. Lightly infused with tea tree oil, a natural healing essential oil for an all natural bar.  I find some tea tree products can be over powering and too strong.  This is more soft and calming in about a 4.5 oz bar

Tea Tree and Charcoal cleansing agents.

Cold Press Soap making process. Low Waste Packing, placed in a bag with label to keep it looking nice.

Sodium cocotate (coconut oil), Sodium Tallowoate (tallow), Sodium Cocoate (canola), Lanoline, Sodium Chloride (sea salt), Glycerine, essential oil tea tree

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Best quality ingredients

We mostly only use food grade oils and the best quality scents we can find 

We personally use the products

In fact is all I use in our home for soap.  It so good, you’re gonna love it

It is so much fun making soap, thanks for supporting our joy

And your Skin will thank you

Our soap is made with high quality Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils or Unscented.  We post all ingredients and make sure you know what you are getting.

Our soap is a Cold Press Soap, with Low Waste Packaging, wrapped in kraft paper to further reduce our environmental impact.  There are no harmful chemicals in your bar of soap, no SLS, no Parabens, no junk, just good clean soap made with care and attention.

Cold Press Soap making process, the fats listed are saponifed with sodium hydroxide to create soap and glycerin, an ancient process of soap making.  All traces of the sodium hydroxide have used up in the soap making process and “super fat” the bars to make them extra creamy