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Shorts – Bloomers

CAD $85.00CAD $155.00

Merino Wool Bloomers. Shortest inseam has a curve at the front and back for a really adorable extra poof. Standard have a nice mid thigh length which can be rouched up for added poof as well.

The long can extend quite a bit down the leg for a knickerbocker vintage golf player look. Either way, these look super cool on all genders and one of our Bumby classic looks and hugely popular.


Add double ruffle cuffs here

Bottom Additions- Double Ruffle cuffs. Double Ruffle cuffs are made by cuffing the cuff in half and finishing both cut edges with a ruffle rolled finish. This pair is a light green body with a light pink cuff with matching thread.

If you are just getting 1 solid colour, leave the rest blank. All colour choices can be found below in the colour tab.

If any

Earn up to 155 Bumby Bucks.

Great for sweaters & bottoms for all ages.  A cloth diaper cover functional weight