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Flap Hats

CAD $45.00CAD $50.00

Like a beanie hat with ear flaps and optional ties. Now lined with lightweight tshirt wool, you can pick the colour

See below for further details

Solid or multi-toned you can be very specific or as general as you like. Pinks and purples, blues, fall forest, rainbow (classic), etc. But if you want something specific make sure you tell us. There are 6 triangles

The tie is made with a single strip which we split so pick one colour and note it above with the other colours.

you can let us pick or choose from the current tshirt colours

Earn up to 50 Bumby Bucks.

Like a beanie hat with ear flaps and optional ties

These hats are made with 6 triangles of our amazingly soft Merino Wool.  The band around the head caresses the ears to keep them nice and warm.  Lined with our tshirt wool

The sturdy construction and soft yet durable wool holds true to the test of time. A great heirloom piece to pass down to siblings or grandkids.

The braided ties are great to tie under the chin or simply as an accent.  They are also optional if you don’t want them.

Sizing is actual measurements, the wool is stretchy around the head and hat flaps come lower on both sides to cover ears.