Double Ruffle Cuffs T-shirt

CAD $10.00

Double Ruffle cuffs are made by cuffing the cuff in half and finishing both cut edges with a ruffle rolled finish.  Please tell us what colour thread you wish used for this.  We have a lot of choices so best match to wool or a general idea.  We can always discuss if you need to talk it out.

Enter if you want thread to match the cuffs or a different colour. These can only be added to cuffed items

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NEW T-Shirt weight interlock

All made with the softest 100% merino wool.  

Pre-shrunk and dyed right in our shop for machine washable goodness. 


This is not jersey, but a light-weight interlock we are calling Dreamweight.  

Currently adult shirts have a limited selection but stay tuned as we add more. 

Similar to our fabric we used to call “Silky”  The orignal super soft and lofty and stretchy type.  I almost want to keep this all for myself, but am sharing… for now

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We preshrink our wool for easy

Machine Washing

Super Soft

It’s truly amazing 

Inclusive gender neutral 

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