Custom Hip, Inseam or Rise Measurements

CAD $0.00CAD $15.00

You may remove inches from any of our bottoms with this addition.  The charge is for the thinking involved in doing the work.  We have hundreds of patterns and do our best to fulfill most sizing requirements.  Altering our patterns to make a custom measured garment changes our process more than you would imagine, but we aim to please.

Order the garment you want altered as normal.  Select to change the rise, hips or both.  If you are removing inches, then just include notes with instructions.   If you need to add inches,  you will need to also pay for the extra wool at $5 pre inch. Please select the appropriate quantity of added inches.

Adding to the inseam is only the inches to charge because it isn’t as complicated.

If you just want to change the waistband, that is free of charge and just a note on the order is fine.

If you need to order more than 1 pair of pants with the same changes, ie 3 pairs of leggings with all 1″ less on the rise, you only need to pay the charge once, as we will just have to do the thinking once, then copy that for the rest of the pairs.  Extra inches would need to be covered still though.

Item and Notes *

Please tell us exactly what you want changed. The item, how much added or removed. If you are changing the rise, is it from the front rise or the back rise or both evenly.

Earn up to 15 Bumby Bucks.

If you need something special or custom this is the right place