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Diaper Covers
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Wool Clothing
For the whole family - all ages, genders and sizes.
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Wool and Cloth Diapering

Our flagship product is our Cloth Diaper Covers.  Wool as a diaper cover is not a new invention, in fact wool was the most common cover used for centuries. We take a noval twist on an ancient idea.  

Learn more about why wool is not only a great cloth diaper cover, but also a truly magical fiber for clothing that can really change the way you think about fashion.


Wool is shaping the future of fashion. You are doing more than you realize.

Slow Fashion

Join us in our commitment to slow fashion and discover the joy of sustainable fashion.

Who is Bumby?

We enthusiastically create custom merino wool clothing and wool cloth diaper covers.

Welcome to Bumby

At Bumby we are all about comfort and confidence.  Confidence that you can wake up in the morning to dry sheets because your diapering system actually works.  Confidence that the people making your clothes really love their jobs and care about our planet as much as you do. We want you and your whole family to feel comfortable in your clothes, from top to bottom – any body, any size, any taste – from classic neutral to wild and bold. All while enjoying the creating and shopping process to find something that actually fits for you, or your spouse, or your child, or your family member, or anyone really!

Some key features:

  • Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical practices.
  • Organic, cruelty-free wool.
  • Low-waste manufacturing, no out-sourcing.
  • Innovative production for fast and consistent customization
    • Automated order status updates and emails
    • Digital paperless pattern integration
    • In-house designed digital pattern drafting
Those are all fancy words saying we make our own laser light patterns and your order is tracked with funny emails that are sent out as we make the magic happen.

Bumby is...


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We integrate digital patterns and technology to streamline our processes for consistency and fast turn around times.

Award Winning

Not to brag or anything but…

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