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Simple clean easy to wear Toque.  A toque is what most Canadians are familiar with for a winter hat.  Beanies to me have a spinner on top.  No pom pom, no spinner, just nice warmth without over heating.

These have a cuff around the heat, with the cap part unlined so it sits nicely on the head, but can also flop back for a slouchy hat if you get it over sized.

See the sizing chart for more sizing details.

Shown, Black hat size Adult Large on large headed adult (me) and a small headed 13 year old wearing a bit slouchy.  He fits the adult small with a proper snug fit.

Adult – Black

Youth – Pink purple tie dyed (Castle)

Baby Large – Purple tie dyed (Crevasse)

Baby Small – Rainbow tie dyed (Carnival)


Earn up to 45 Bumby Bucks.

Made with our warm without over heating merino wool.  These slouch nicely if oversized.  Choose any of our wool types for this simply amazing toques