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We read it!

Upon placing your order with Bumby, magical things begin to happen. First, the order is received by a flock of Canadian Geese who then deliver it, by beak, to Bumby Headquarters.   We then go over the orders with a cup of Tim’s, yes a double double, and get to work

We cut it and we sewed it

Beavers sharpen our scissors with their teeth and pass items around the studio with their paddle tails. The RCMP do a stringent quality control check and we are ready to ship.

We completed it

Once completed, the order is packaged and picked up by a maple syrup drinking, touque wearing Canada Post employee. It is then carried by moose to the nearest postal outlet, where it sits upon Chesterfields for comfort in a room full of poutine for 24 hours to maximize Canadian odours

We shipped it

Hockey players load it on their Zamboni and head for various locals including Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Flin Flan Manitoba, and Happy Adventure New Found Land (yes those are all real places). Or they go to the US border where they hand it over to UPS employees. Reeking of poutine, Tim’s coffee, maple syrup and Canadian charm they shake their heads as we say, have a good day eh!