Various Embroidery Designs

CAD $25.00

Designs are often approximately 4×4 or 5×5.  Can go directly on garment or on a pocket that needs to be fit to size to accomidate the embroidery.  Note there are threads on the back which are a sensory consideration.  Patch pockets might be a better option for some to reduce contact.

These images will be built out as wool items are made.  These are made entirely with thread so are a bit more stiff, but also can be more intricate.  Message Stephanie to ask any questions you may have about this deep deep rabbit hole of fun.

Note some designs may cost a lot more than other so addtional costs may be applied but discussed before making anything



You can ask for pretty much anything here. We have a lot of options on the internet. Any embroidery we purchase for you will be added to our list of offerings. Please feel free to pm to check first.

Indicate prefered threads for the sections. Note that each area can have different threads.

Right hip, along leg, top left of skirt part of peplum….

Earn up to 25 Bumby Bucks.