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Pants – Leggings

CAD $110.00CAD $195.00

Merino Wool Leggings. The name says it all. A slender fit pant with a hemmed or ruffled finish. All genders can rock this look.

Skinny Jeans – Check

Under Dresses – Check

Adorable – Check

We have added a new format with standard (wider that normal leggings) hips with super skinny legs.  For the big diaper itty bitty legs kids out there.

You may request a special thread colour in the notes for the ruffles, otherwise we will just use best matching


All colour choices can be found below in the colour tab. Type your choices in the text fields.

Notes if any. Also please add any back up colours here if we happen to oversell what you ordered.

Earn up to 150 Bumby Bucks.

Great for sweaters & bottoms for all ages.  A cloth diaper cover functional weight