Pants – European Sweats (DW)

CAD $87.50CAD $153.25

Straight legs and thighs which taper near the calf to a tall cuff which can be left long or folded up.





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If any

Earn up to 153 Bumby Bucks.

Dreamweight Bottoms

Why Dreamweight Bottoms

  • Why do we call it dreamweight? Well because it is dreamy. I thought this was a bit melodramatic, but it really is dreamy soft
  • Wanna lounge around the house with extreme comfort? Well so do your kids, Dreamweight for the win
  • Great for potty training; easy on and off, catches dribbles and still self cleans ( I would probably rinse them though but they dry so fast!)
  • New baby perfection, super soft scooching down past the new belly button cord
  • Off to grandma’s house, a lazy afternoon, shopping or under dresses?  This is a perfect solution


  • Dreamweight (DW) relaxes with wear so be aware when choosing a style
  • As it relaxes in width it loses a bit of inseam and rise so order accordingly (approx less than an inch)
  • Dreamweight needs support for a waistband and will not work alone. Instead of adding an elastic band which can twist and cause issues with urine we offer full heavyweight (HW) bands or half HW half DW.  Both have been tested and they are performing pretty similarly.  your choice is mostly for aesthetics


  • Dreamweight can be more delicate
  • Best for lighter duty such as indoor play, rest and lounging
  • Washes up very well and dries very quickly
  • More on the cooler side, great for summer (but all wool is temperature regulating)
  • The DW will not work as a fully functional diaper cover being so thin, however you can add a Heavyweight Full Coverage Doublers (FCD) which is kind of like boys swim trunks with the built in underwear

Note: you can add a…

Full Coverage Doubler

Select to have the FCD on it’s own or request to have it sewn into a dreamweight item

Pockets & Additions

  • Like yeah this is all great, but can I get additions??? because pockets are life
  • Due to the softeness of the fabric stress points can occur so bare this in mind when planning
  • Be delicate with pockets and anchor points.  Holes can develop
  • Pockets and addtions can be added
  • Rouching will look darling