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Let’s Create Togther

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We are in the middle of adding some new products.  The list is long of what we are working on.  Maybe you have the next great hit on your brain.

Now is your chance to collab one on one with Stephanie to get first dibs on creating something special.

Maybe you are in desperate need of something for a loved one that isn’t quite main stream.

Min deposit will vary depending on the requested item.

Book a Consultation – This is a deposit only

You can have some 1:1 messaging with the team, a video call or keep it casual.

The deposit will be applied to the order total we plan out together as FULL STORE CREDIT

Once we review your order, you will be sent an email to schedule your one on one consultation

Please email [email protected] or check with Stephanie in your usual manner before checking out here.  I might say no, but I am saying you can ask.  Min deposit will vary depending on the requested item.

Select as many as you like, but at least one

Add anything else you think will help as well as best contact information. We would need to call via messenger to the US or internationally. Canada we can use a phone number.

Earn up to 200 Bumby Bucks.

Great for sweaters & bottoms for all ages.  A cloth diaper cover functional weight