Bear Ear Balaclava Wholesale

CAD $50.00CAD $55.00

Merino Wool Balaclava, a full coverage hat, which pulls over the head to cover the neck and ears, with a hole for the face.

Bear ears we usually do inside of ear to match the face cuff or a complimentary 3 toned colourway

Note we have updated the pattern, so the model shows the new format, but pretend there are ears until we get updated images.


Please enter specific or general colours here. Example: 1 pink, 1 purple, 4 earthy toned all different, 1 darker blue.

We are concious about what we choose to use where and how. We want to make sure you love it. If you have a preference of what not to use, please select below otherwise we will pick what we feel is best for your order.

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