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Alter your used wool

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Yes, Bumby can alter you existing wool

Please understand that we take our jobs very seriously and honour you and your wool.  We will always do our very best to alter your used wool to your requests.  All sales are final.  There is a level of trust between us both to alter your goodies.  Thank you for your understanding.  Also please clean your wool, preferably stripped and unscented.  Heavily lanolized wool with heavy scents can be harder to work with and effect sewing.

Unsure how to ship to us?  We can email you a shipping label.  It will likely cost less than you making it on your own and you don’t have to worry about the customs information.

Please include notes with your name and any details in the package.

See below for more details


If this is for the shipping label, please inlcude all items being sent along with approximate dimentions. Any additional charges will be invoiced. We suggest to confirm charges before checking out.

Earn up to 15 Bumby Bucks.


  • Add 3-5″ Bold” wedge to increase length or remove knee hole area
    • Adding inseam, easiest way is to cut at about knee area and adding in a chunk there for a quasi bold look.
    • Or you can removed a damaged area at the knee and replace that section, adding a bit of inseam in the process
    • Both keep your wool in a condition to keep them out of landfill and increase their longevity
  • Add cuffs (cutting off hem)
    • Adding inseam by adding a cuff, cut off them hem (lose about 1″) then add a 3″ cuff. This increases the inseam about 2″.
    • Or it also changes the overall look
    • You can alter the taper in the process or request smaller cuffs like on harems
    • We can only go tighter we can’t add to the width
  • Add a patch to cover a hole
    • This is per patch, 2 knees is double.
    • We have to unpick the inner leg seam to add the patch
  • Move crotch seam, swap rise to inseam
    • This changes the overall way the crotch sits
    • The crotch ends up a bit more rounded
  • Changing the leg style that requires rehemming/secure hem stitching
    • We can taper the legs more
    • The hem needs to be removed or anchored
  • Alter the rise in the front for youth style
    • The youth rise has a lower front rise as there is no diaper bulk
    • We can remove part of the waistband and remove the front rise up to 2″ and reinstall the waistband
  • Remove and replace waistband
    • Pick a new colour
  • Remove and replace cuffs
    • Pick a new colour

IMPORTANT: When shipping your wool, please put warranty repair as the reason for the shipment.  Country of origin is Canada. CUSMA harmonized tax code is 6209.20.  Anything valued over $20 being imported into Canada can be subject to customs and tax.  Total Packages (not each item but all of them added together) valued at under $20 or stated as warranty repair are exempt from these fees.  Sometimes if the package is valued over $20 and listed as warranty repair the customs worker still charges the fees.  Any fees charged will be applied to the sender.

Please ship your wool to:

Bumby Wool

223 Davison Drive

Red Deer AB




Please pack as small, tight and as square as possible.  They charge by volume and weight.  If you are shipping from the US, the customs document needs to be printed 3 times and placed into a resealable pouch.  You can use a ziplock bag or UPS has clear pouches for free in store.