Adult Sweater – The Campfire Pullover

CAD $295.00CAD $365.00

Come share a yarn at the campfire at the cabin with us… get it, yarn is another word for story. I crack myself up.

This sweater has the same general shape and options as the rest of our sweaters with a new neck.  We have carefully crafted the collar to fold over and stay put with a bais cut at the back and generous cross over in the front so it won’t flop open.

Imagine sitting sipping a gin with your good friend Ryan from Vancouver, at the campfire, at the cabin by the lake, wearing matching sweaters (because all of our sweaters are gender neutral and look great on everyone) discussing “who wore it best” agreeing that it is clearly the kids (because all of our sweaters also span newborn to adult sizing so the whole family can get a matching set)

Pockets can be added to this sweater as well as contours if you wish, find all the choices in our additions section.


See the list of Colours in the tabs below.

Inside and outside can be different colours and you can use tshirt or any wool for either.

Earn up to 365 Bumby Bucks.

Bumby Checks All the Boxes

We preshrink our wool for easy

Machine Washing

Colour Matching 

The same wool we use for all our Wool Bottoms

Inclusive gender neutral 

Sizing & Colours

We customize your garment just for you

Pick your colours and where you want them used; you truly get to create a one of a kind sweater with us.

Our products are made with our exclusively made Merino Wool which we small batch dye and preshrunk so it is machine washable.

All of our sweaters come with a Raglan Sleeves and lots of different options.

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You get to choose

Choose the Fit,  Style, Colours, & Accents. Our team is ready to create your design.  Simple or complex. We do it your way.

Let us know what colours you want, feel free to be wordy. Any questions we have will be asked not assumed, which can slow down production, but that also means you can ask us for a photo to check with choices too!



Please see the colour options which change often.

See the sizing chart for measurements. TIP measure a sweater you have to guild your decisions.

Pockets and Extra can be found here.

All of our sweaters are sizing chart based and are gender neutral sizing and style.

You get to choose what works for the look you want. Add the contoured at mid drift option to follow the curves of your body.

Our sweaters are generously cut and the wool is stretchy. Size down for a form fitting feel.

Email or message any questions 

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