Wool Care

Who wants a gift?

I know I love free stuff and I also love gift giving… but only if you actually like it. So in true Bumby Fashion (pun intended) you get to choose your gift, and its a bit complicated, but it’s totally worth it.

Thresholds in CAD 

Spend $150 get gift valued at $5 

Spend $290 get gift valued at $10

Spend $450 get gift valued at $15

Spend $550 get gift valued at $20 

Spend $850 get gift valued at $30

Min spend is based on before taxes and before gift is added.  Gifts are only found in the Gift with Purchase category.  

Cart the gift/s you want, and if all requirements are met, your cart will automatically be reduced by the correct amount as per the indicated thresholds.

Mix and match got $10 get 2 $5 items… or get 1 $15 item and pay the difference.  You are in control.

You can also purchase them as well.

Thresholds Canadian Currency Based

The whole site is based in Canadian Currency and converts to USD for outside of Canada

US Dollar thresholds are lower

Because currently USD has a higher value than CAD, both the gift values as well as the threshold values will be lower. Aim for around $120USD to qualify for the $5 gift. ($4 USD)

The cart calculates automatically

Don't feel like doing math that is ok? The cart takes care of it for you. Add what you want and see if it takes it off. Add a little take off a little.

Just adding another layer of magical complexity to your Bumby Journey. You’re Welcome

See below for a brief overview of what we are offering… or just go shopping! 

Hand crafted soap samples

Our soap is so nice and it is all we use in our family now.   

I feel strongly about “scent consent”  I will never include anything scented without specific request or consent. 

DIY Kits

Flowers, Butterflies, Peg People and more coming.  Glue, sew or just cutting, we have several choices.

Some include real wool for stuffing!

Wool satchels

Pre-scented or Unscented and ready to add your own scent or essential oil.  

Ready to hang in your car, off a hanger, placed in a drawer or even inside a shoe.  

We added some with catnip ready for kittens at play. 

Stuffed with real wool from Custom Woolen Mills just down the road in Carstairs Alberta

Routine Deodorant

This was a bit out of left field but I love this product and when I reached out to them, they were on board. 

It is an all natural deodorant made just down the street in Calgary. 

I have tried so many different natural deodorants and this is the only one I would put my name beside.  We also offer full sizes for purchase.

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