Solid Lanolin

Lanolin takes the already amazing wool fibers to the next level

  • Gives wool its antibacterial properties; Naturally neutralizing odors and urine
  • Gives wool its water proof protection; Giving your wool added wetness protection
  • Super Moisurizing: Leaving both the wool fibers and skin feeling soft and healthy
  • Naturally produced by sheep, then saved during the cleaning of the wool fibers to knitting
  • We only use the best quality super deodorized pharmaceutical grade solid lanolin
  • Naturally found, naturally cleaned, naturally applied…

... So naturally we recommend using Lanolin

Bumby is here to help you gain confidence

Many stay away from wool because they think the care is too hard 

You are not in this alone

Below is a quick guide to help you with our quick and easy way to lanolize. 

We have some new thinking on this, which after speaking with many people it clicks why they were having issues with some other methods out there. 

I am a busy working mom, and Bumby is built around being efficient, easy and functional.  

Did I mention Bumby Wool is machine washable yet?!?

Check out our Bumby Emuslion Blocks; A special soap made with the optimal Ph to easily emusify Lanolin.