Current Colours

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Fully Stocked Colours

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Milled Aug 2021 - amazingly soft feel and washability. Thinner than our last batch but still thick and fluffy soft.

Note for the Striped and Melange - Textured look without the textured feel.

Striped - Vertically lined. Made with either Grey & Natural (Tin) , Black & Natural (Twilight) or Walnut Brown & Natural (Walnut, Natural and Black yarn was used so are a perfect match. All Stripes are dyed over these bases.

Melange - Available in Grey, Black & White (Fedora) or Grey, Brown & White (Tribly) (Due to limited supplies and stunning colours we will not be overdyeing these 2 melange and no others will be included in this round)

Half stock getting low

Half of the inventory is gone, we can make anything we offer, but act fast before it goes.

Very low stock

These colour can make most of our pants, xl youth might be cutting it close.  Cuffs, waists and smaller parts of sweaters, but not a full size adult sweater.