Commitment to Customers

Stephanie worked for a large global company in Costa Rica in Training and Development where she redesigned and implemented a one week intensive Customer Service Training program.  Every employee was required to successfully pass this program.  This is a way of life at Bumby. IT’S HOW WE ROLL.

We stand behind every item we make, inspecting every stitch, every seam, every colour before it goes out the door.  Consistent high quality is our cornerstone.

We also roll around in the wool sometimes just for fun!  Come on, you know you would too if you were here.  Speaking of which, stop by for a tour someday, we’d love to meet you.

Bumby “is” customer satisfaction, high quality products and happy babies. Every product we’ve created has come from customer collaboration.

As our product line grew over the years, so did our customers, our flock.  Bumby would be nothing without them!  They keep our dream alive and we never forget it.

We cherish every picture we receive from our customers wearing Bumby stuff.   Old and new, we love them all!

Come for the Wool, Stay for the Flock!