Learn more about the different taper options at Bumby Wool. 

Hemmed Pants

Tapered – Think Skinny Jeans & Leggings. Cut at an angle from the thigh to a slender ankle.

Mild Taper – About half way between Tapered and Straight. They follow the line of the leg without being too tight. Great for tucking into boots. Joggers and Cuffed pants follow this line.

Straight – Straight down from the thigh to the hem. A wide leg for comfort. Great for going over boots for a natural look.

Tapered (top), Mild Tapered (middle), Straight (bottom)

Ruffled Pants

Special Items

Jogger, Cuffed Pants and Footies

All follow the same line as the Mild Tapered Pants shown above


Leggings only come in Slender Tapered 


Straight Leg that pleat into little cuffs


Are unique with a wider thigh and tighter Calf