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Earn yourself some Rewards - Bumby Bucks

$1 for a Buck

Every $1 spent earns you 1 Bumby Buck


100 Bumby Bucks gets you $1 off your next order.  

Review & Earn

Every review earns you 10 Bucks

Easy Math

Basically 1% off your next order.

Never Expire

Don't worry they don't expire. Save or use right away, either way, you win


The website magically calulates for you and offers to spend to save every time you check out

The only way to see your Bucks is at the shopping cart before checking out. There are some dead links in the account page which I have spent 2 hours trying to fix or remove and just can’t so, please excuse the mild irriation.  You will need something in your cart to get to the cart page, but then it shows right on the top how many points you can apply.  It will limit to the value carted, so you might need to add a large ticket item/s to see the total points.  They do not stack or tier up.  So most just use em as they come.