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Bumby Baby Wool Pants

Bumby Wool uses an exclusively made Interlock fabric for all of our garments.  Find our Colours and learn more about our fabric here.

All of our bottoms are a functional Cloth Diaper Cover.  The “Baby” sizing has a taller rise and more room in the front to accomidate diapers.  Many do use the “Youth” sizing though with more trim diapers.  

See our sizing charts to figure out what fit you need.  The wool is extremely stretchy and forgiving.  So sometimes is best to just jump in or try something from our Buy & Sell page first.

Understanding Taper Preference

You will find several options with Bumby, ok literally thousands.  Waist to Thigh are the same size as each other in all the different styles.  Only the thigh to ankle changes.  Once you know what size to get, you can play around with all of our style and colour options.  

Here is visual aid to help you see how some of these options compare.

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