Who is Bumby?

A Story of Bumby Wool: Crafting Quality Products with Flockin’ Fun and Ewe-nique Style for All​

The sustainable revolution

The Sustainable Revolution. Wool is shaping the Future of Fashion… you are doing more than you realize

Slow Fashion

Embrace Slow Fashion with Bumby Wool: A Sustainable and Cost-Effective Choice

Award Winning

Bumby Wool has been honoured with several awards over the years. With more to come

Why I love Unicorns

Unicorns are magic, wool is magic, what is not to love? Find out why I recommend Unicorn Laundry Products

Lanolizing Tutorial

Find out the method that was so easy, they thought they were doing it wrong and cheating and … just lucky
Naomi R said “[The Bumby Method] has saved my relationship with wool”