Introducing VESTS!

Machine washable, pre-shrunk

Keeps you cozy, without overheating

Handmade & Amazing

We have been making sweaters for several years now.  Many have asked for vests so we invested some time adjusting the patterns. Why would you want a Wool Vest?

  • Cozy without overheating
  • Great for layering
  • Camping (we noticed a remarkable difference in the distinctive campfire odor compared to cotton garments)
  • Pre and post sports (doesn’t hold that “sporty stink” that lingers on some people, not naming names but you know what I mean)
  • Watching Sports from a lawn chair in a park or stadium
  • Long leisurely strolls in the woods with your family. (Add pockets to store your massive phone or your loved one’s newly acquired treasures.)
  • We all know you secretly want to match your kids’ pants without them realizing
  • We made 3 formats and have them all the same price.  Boxy Neutral, Contoured and Contoured Hi/Low
  • Sizing is the same as our Sweaters if you are already familiar
  • Scroll down to see the sizing charts or inside the listings